Return Policy (Please read)

All handmade, made to order items are FINAL SALE.  Each item is made to your individual measurements and as a result, can not be returned. 

However, if the following alteration rules apply for made to measure items:

Please note only minor alterations are free. 

The parameters for free alterations are as follows: 
1. Dresses a slight release in the underarm and bust area 
2. Skirts a 1-inch release in the waist. 

Major alteration for dresses is $45 dollars (includes taking a dress in). Dresses are made to measure if a dress must be taken in buyer hasn't provided accurate measurements or not provided updated measurements should there be a change after ordering causing a full re-sizing where the above cost must be assessed. 

For skirts or shorts if the waistband must be removed the cost for adjustment due to incorrect measurements is $25 dollars. It is the buyer's responsibility to provide accurate measurements.

Sweatshirts and T-shirts are able to exchange for size Only if available.  Some styles the maximum size is listed so if the size needed is beyond that it can not be exchanged. Please note the design  is handmade and one of a kind.