Time it takes to Make

 Li Li's Creations is a handmade clothing brand. I make each piece by hand a a result time frames vary at approximate  3-8  weeks for production depending on the item.

Production Breakdown  Sweatshirt/T-shirts  2 - 3 weeks

Dresses (made to measure)  6 - 8 weeks (during high volume 10 weeks) please contact me on wear dates and other pertinent information. Delaying in measurement submission will mean that your item will delay by up to 5 weeks. 

Jumpsuits 6 - 8 weeks same procedure as dresses

Skirts  6-8 Weeks same procedure as dresses

Kimonos 1 - 5 weeks

Please indicate via email or in notes if needed for a specific date. 

Please bear in mind that each item is handmade to your measurements by a team of ONE your patience is greatly appreciated.  


I can be reached via email Liliscreations.couture@gmail.com if you have any questions or you may reach out via 516-402-3624 ext *100  between the hours of 9 - 630.  This number also has the ability to receive text if contact is needed outside of that time frame.