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The Wild Card - Mwitu Collection FW18

Malacia Anderson

My fashions evolve as I do often I find myself grown through each collection that I create. Sometimes a wild card appears where you are tested beyond your imagination and yet beauty comes from it.  Mwitu - Wild LIfe in Swahili

I often select my fabrics well before I even know what I am going to make with them. I am visual designer and in that I allow the fabric to speak to me as opposed to designing a style and dictating to the print that I choose.

Every collection is so pure and organic in that way and I am suprirsed every time that I go through the process.  This collection is no exception. I went through storms trials and had moments of wondering will I make it through it at all.  I am a wild card in the midst of those who have chosen to switch mass production of items while I still continue to sit at my machine and make each piece in love.  This collection is  near and dear to me because of my choices I am the wild card choice.  The cut outside of the grain. Handmade, to measure with you in mind it is a labor of love every single time, with every single order.

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