Change can be healing!

Change can be healing!

I've come to realize there is nothing wrong with wanting to shed off things in a new year.  Social media with its highlight reels of life can make it seem l like you have to some kind of shedding.

The best guide to change isn't social media it's God.  You see throughout the year through relationships, and various circumstances God uses these experiences to not only draw us closer to him but to reveal things about our characters.

If we take the time to look at each moment we can see where our triggers are activated, where trauma that has been unchecked can flair up.  The goal to these things is healing.  

It is to allow these moments to go to the ultimate healer which is God. Take note of peoples experiences of you when they communicate it to you. Don't get defensive, just sit and listen.  Glean where they are coming from, be objective and have empathy for their braveness in being vulnerable with you.

God uses these moments to bring about the greatest change.  Yes to the New year new you with God as your guide your growth, healing and greatness continually await you.

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